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About the Volleyball Club Directory

The USA Volleyball Clubs & Volleyball Club Directory are operated by Club Volleyball Gear.

Why the online USA Volleyball Clubs & Volleyball Club Directory exists.  Awhile ago,my wife and I wanted to get our girls involved in competitive Volleyball and had a tough time finding a local Volleyball Club. There was a ton of stuff on the web but not much of it was organized or easy to search.

The whole experience left me frustatrated so... I decided to do something about it. I created the online Volleyball Club Directory so that your experience in finding local volleyball clubs would be better than mine. I hope you find it helpful.

USA Volleyball Regions

Alaska Region | Arizona Region | Badger Region- (Wisconsin) | Bayou Region- (Louisiana) | Chesapeake Region - (Delaware, Maryland, D.C.) | Columbia Empire Region - (Oregon} | Delta Region - (Arkansas, Mississippi, W. Tennessee) | Evergreen Region- (Central & Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho, Montana) | Florida Region | Garden Empire Region - (New Jersey, metro New York & Long Island) | Gateway Region - (Eastern Missouri & Southern Illinois)
Great Lakes Region - (Northern Illinois) | Great Plains Region - (Nebraska) | Gulf Coast Region - (Southern Alabama, Southern Mississippi, NW Florida) | Heart of America Region - (Kansas & Western Missouri) | Hoosier Region- (Indiana} | Intermountain Region - (Utah and Southern Idaho) | Iowa Region | Iroquois-Empire Region - (New York except NY City, Long Island, & Western counties) | Keystone Region - (Pennsylvania) | Lakeshore Region - (Michigan) | Lonestar Region - (Central & South Texas) | New England Region - (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, & Vermont) | North Country Region - (Minnesota, North & South Dakota, Northern Michigan) | North Texas Region | Northern California Region | Ohio Valley Region | Oklahoma Region | Old Dominion Region - (Virginia) | Palmetto Region - (South Carolina) | Pioneer Region - (Kentucky) | Puget Sound Region- (Western Washington state) | Rocky Mountain Region- (Colorado, Wyoming) | Southern Region - (Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama) | Southern California Region | Sun Country Region- (New Mexico and Western Texas) | Western Empire Region - (Western counties of New York)